Well perhaps that may be a bit tongue in cheek as a statement, but I certainly believe that once a bottle has completed its prime purpose that should not be the end of it's time in the spotlight.


My name is Amanda and I love to craft lamps from beautiful old spirit bottles and then send them on their way back into the world to be appreciated and loved once more.


I take great pride and care in preparing my bottles for this journey, from ensuring they are spotless and have no trace of their former contents (hic) before drilling them with diamond tipped drill bits designed specially for glass.


I use various string sizes & colours of LED lamps inside my bottles but ensure that the lamps are high quality with all of the required CE marks to show that they conform with relevant EU directives regarding health and safety or environmental protection.


I also make solar powered bottle lamps for those lovely evenings in the garden at whatever time of the year. The cable hole is then sealed with a silicon filler to ensure no moisture can enter the bottle, and then they are given a final loving clean to ensure that when they reach their new homes they are shiny and proud and ready to take their place in their new owners hearts.

I would be happy to discuss any special commissions for you if you have a specific bottle or lamp colour requirement, please use my details on the contact page for further information.


Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you can give a new home to an old rejected bottle just looking for a new owner to love it.

Amanda xxx

A bottle is for life, not just for Christmas!

Most have memories of being loved, happy hours with friends, at Weddings, Christmas, BBQs, parties, a great meal or even a divorce & then just like that....... they are thrown away!  Disposed of without a thought, destined to spend an eternity in bottle banks around the world.


So, my bottles come to me feeling empty & confused from years of being left on dusty shelves, or left cold & abandoned in gutters or naked on a doorstep.


My home is a “Bottle Rehab”, & with love & care, I Up-cycle & re-purpose them, inject new life & transform them into elegant lamps so that they leave me eager to once again become useful “members of society”, & ready to be loved again.


If your heart is hollow recalling how hastily you “swigged” that flagon of wine, that bottle of Jägermeister, even guzzled that last drop of Absolut, think kindly of “Bottle Rehab” & consider giving one of these re-energised orphans a loving home.

Did you know that EVERY empty bottle is filled with a story?