Jack Daniels 1.5ltr OPTIC lamp


Forget “Tinder” because the key to a happy life is to drink JD when the missus is away, thus being allowed to mix with friends and run on inappropriate thoughts.

You all know how this story ends…

“When the Cat’s away” and your Male Owner is left un-supervised….the possibilities are endless and contrary to what people may say there really are no limits to stupidity.

Basically the missus told my owner to go out and buy her something that made her look sexy, so he purchased me and got drunk!

The END!

These are beautiful 1.5 litre bottles with 160 warm white LED lamps and they have a generously long cable so that they can be placed flexibly around your home. Please note that these are optics bottles, hence the labels are upside down.

A great lamp for anybody with a love of this brand of Whisky.

Please note this item will be dispatched via courier to ensure a safe delivery and will require a signature upon receipt.